The Perfect 5-Minute Posture Routine to Increase Your Height


 The Perfect 5-Minute Posture Routine to Increase Your Height

Are you looking for exercises to increase your height? The good news is that there are certain exercises that can help you reveal your natural height. Many of us have poor posture due to sitting for long hours, which can not only reduce our height but also lead to stiffness and decreased mobility. However, with just a 5-minute routine, you can improve your posture, undo the damages of prolonged sitting, and potentially even grow taller. In this article, we will explore the perfect 5-minute posture routine that can help you increase your height and improve your overall posture.

Why Posture Matters for Height Increase

Before we dive into the specific exercises, let's understand why posture plays a crucial role in height increase. When we sit for long periods, our bodies adapt to this sedentary position and become efficient sitters. Unfortunately, this can lead to a hunched-over, head-forward posture that not only reduces our height but also creates feelings of stiffness and restricts our mobility. By improving our posture and undoing the damages of prolonged sitting, we can potentially gain an extra inch or two of height. Now, let's explore the exercises that can help us achieve this.

Exercise 1: Improving Mid-Back Rotation

The first exercise focuses on improving your ability to rotate your mid-back. Depending on your sitting posture, you may experience stiffness either higher up or lower down in your back. Start by getting on all fours and sitting your hips back towards your heels. Place one hand extended out in front of you and the other behind your neck. Bring your elbow down towards the floor, following it with your eyes, and then rotate your elbow up towards the ceiling as far as you can. Exhale as you rotate and push down into the floor with your planted hand. Hold the top position briefly and then repeat on the other side. Gradually try to rotate your elbow further and further to increase flexibility and mobility in your mid-back.

Exercise 2: Extending the Back

The next exercise focuses on extending your back and strengthening your back muscles. Lay on your stomach with your feet about hip-width apart and your hands positioned directly under your shoulders. Contract your quads, lifting your knees off the ground, and bring your shoulder blades down and back. From this position, use your mid-back muscles to bring your upper body forward and up, trying to get your chest to the floor. Hold the top position for a second or two before returning to the starting position. Avoid muscling your way up with your arms and focus on using your back muscles to lift your upper body. With time, aim to extend higher and higher to improve posture and increase height.

Exercise 3: Loosening Up the Shoulders

Now, let's focus on loosening up the shoulders, which often contribute to rounded posture and forward head position. Grab a band, towel, or broomstick and hold it with a wide overhead grip. Pull your hands apart to create tension and then raise the band or stick over and behind your back, creating a big circle. Aim to go as far back as you comfortably can, gradually increasing the range of motion. Make sure to keep your core braced and avoid arching your lower back. This exercise helps to improve shoulder mobility and counteract the effects of sitting for extended periods.

Exercise 4: Strengthening the Back and Shoulder Muscles

To further strengthen the weakened back and shoulder muscles, we'll perform reverse wall angels. Kneel in front of a wall with your knees, chest, and forehead in contact with the wall. Release your core and, while keeping your arms straight, move them in a big circle overhead as high as you can. The goal is to keep your arms and hands a couple of inches away from the wall, engaging your back muscles. Avoid leaning back or arching your lower back and focus on the movement coming from your arms. Perform this exercise properly, and you should feel the muscles in your mid-back and shoulders working. Modify the exercise by performing it on the floor or a bench if you feel it more in your upper traps.

Exercise 5: Strengthening the Neck Muscles

Lastly, let's address the common issue of forward head posture, also known as the "nerd neck." To fix this, we need to strengthen the deep muscles in the neck that have become weak and failed to keep our heads in an upright position. Sit down on a chair and pull your chin straight back while gazing forward. It's a small motion of only a few inches, but make sure to keep your head in a straight line without leaning back or tilting upward. Hold the end position for a second before returning to the start. For an added challenge, tuck your chin down as if giving yourself a double chin and hold that position. With consistent practice, you should feel the deep muscles under your chin working and see improvements in your forward head posture.

Implementing the Routine

Now that we've learned the exercises, let's discuss how to implement them for the best results. Set aside 5 minutes each day to perform these exercises. Focus on quality rather than quantity, ensuring proper form and engaging the targeted muscles. You can download a free PDF guide that provides step-by-step tutorials for each exercise at Additionally, make an effort to incorporate more movement into your day and avoid prolonged sitting. Remember to measure your height before and after implementing the routine to see any potential improvements. Embrace your height, ignore negativity, and enjoy the other benefits that come with improved posture.

Additional Tips for Height Increase

While the 5-minute posture routine mainly focuses on the upper body, there are other factors that can contribute to height increase. Tight hips and inactive glutes are common issues due to sitting, so it's essential to address them as well. You can incorporate exercises to work on your hips and glutes into your fitness routine to further enhance your posture. Additionally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced diet, and getting enough sleep are all crucial for overall growth and development. Remember that height is just one aspect of your physical appearance, and embracing your uniqueness is key to self-confidence.


Improving your posture not only has aesthetic benefits but also plays a significant role in height increase and overall well-being. By dedicating just 5 minutes a day to the perfect posture routine, you can undo the damages of prolonged sitting, improve your posture, and potentially reveal your natural height. Consistency and proper form are key to achieving optimal results. Embrace your height and enjoy the many benefits that come with good posture. So, start implementing the 5-minute posture routine today and watch as your height and confidence soar.

Additional Information: Are there exercises we can do to grow taller? Yes! That said, you’ll only become taller in the sense that you’ll reveal your natural height. Many of us sit for most of the day. Over time our bodies will learn to become extremely efficient sitters and lock us up in a hunched over, head forward, position. This reduces our height. There is, however, a 5 minute solution that can help improve your posture, undo the “damages” of prolonged sitting, and maybe even help you grow taller. 


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