10 Things You Should Know About Amtrak Sacramento


10 Things You Should Know About Amtrak Sacramento

 Amtrak Sacramento is a bustling hub for travelers looking to explore the beautiful state of California. Whether you're a history buff, an adventure seeker, or simply in need of a convenient mode of transportation, Amtrak Sacramento has you covered. In this article, we will delve into 10 important things you should know about Amtrak Sacramento before planning your next train trip.

1. Sacramento Valley Station: A Convenient Downtown Location

One of the major advantages of Amtrak Sacramento is its prime location in downtown Sacramento. The Sacramento Valley Station, situated at 401 I Street, is easily accessible and serves as a central transportation hub. However, it's important to note that the station is surrounded by areas where unhoused individuals have set up camps. To ensure your safety and comfort, it's advisable to choose a parking spot in a nearby well-lit and busy garage or parking lot.

2. Exploring Old Sacramento: Just a Short Walk Away

If you have some time to spare before or after your train journey, you'll be delighted to know that the charming shops and attractions of Old Sacramento are just a couple of blocks west of the Amtrak station. Take a leisurely stroll along the Sacramento River, visit the California State Railroad Museum, or indulge in a delicious meal at one of the many restaurants in the area. Additionally, the greater Sacramento area offers a plethora of attractions that can be easily reached by bus, taxi/Uber, or light rail.

3. No Wi-Fi, but Reliable Cell Service

While many Amtrak stations offer the convenience of Wi-Fi, Sacramento Valley Station is not equipped with this amenity. However, given that Sacramento is a major metropolitan area, you can expect reliable cell service regardless of your carrier. So, you can stay connected and entertained on your journey with your smartphone. It's always a good idea to ensure your devices are fully charged before the trip or bring along battery backups, as there are no outlets available for use at the station.

4. Limited Amenities at Sacramento Valley Station

While Sacramento Valley Station provides a convenient starting point for your Amtrak adventure, it is important to note that the station lacks some of the amenities commonly found at other stations. For instance, there are no baggage carts available, so if you have heavy luggage, it's advisable to pack light or bring someone to assist you. Additionally, the station has a few cafes and food stands, but their operating hours may be limited. It's always a good idea to plan accordingly and have snacks or meals with you.

5. Paid Parking: Plan Ahead

Parking can be a challenge in downtown Sacramento, so planning ahead is crucial when using Amtrak Sacramento. Thankfully, Amtrak offers a convenient tool to find and reserve parking spots in advance. By using this tool, you can guarantee a parking spot and avoid the hassle of driving around in search of parking. The parking rates start at $8 for spots a few blocks away from the station and range up to $40 for closer parking options.

6. Picking Up Travelers: Be Prepared

If you're picking up someone from the Sacramento Amtrak station, finding convenient parking can be a bit tricky. Due to the lack of parking right outside the station, experienced Amtrak riders recommend circling the block until your traveler is ready to go. It's important to note that using the taxi/bus pickup area is prohibited, so it's best to avoid this option.

7. Affordable Travel to Popular Destinations

Amtrak is known for providing affordable travel options to popular tourist destinations, and Sacramento is no exception. If you're planning a trip to San Francisco, you can board the Amtrak train in Sacramento and enjoy a two-hour and ten-minute ride to the City by the Bay for as little as $30. If you're heading to Los Angeles, the journey may take about eight hours or more, but the cost is still significantly lower compared to driving.

8. Discovering Amtrak's Routes from Sacramento

When planning your journey from Amtrak Sacramento, it's important to know the available routes. The Sacramento Amtrak train schedule includes three specific routes: Capitol Corridor, San Joaquins, and Coast Starlight. These routes provide access to destinations like Los Angeles, San Jose, and other places in Southern California. However, if you're looking to explore destinations outside of California, you may need to transfer trains.

9. Avoid Traffic: Take the Train

Sacramento, like any urban city, experiences heavy traffic congestion, especially during peak hours. While getting to the downtown Amtrak station may involve some stop-and-go traffic, taking the train offers a stress-free alternative to navigating through the gridlock. By choosing Amtrak, you can bypass the traffic and enjoy a relaxing journey to your destination.

10. The California Zephyr: A Scenic Adventure

If you're seeking a truly scenic and breathtaking train ride, the California Zephyr is the route for you. This route takes you through the majestic Sierra Nevadas and all the way to the Rocky Mountains, offering unparalleled views. You can even embark on a cross-country adventure by boarding the California Zephyr in Sacramento and traveling all the way to Chicago, Illinois. Amtrak provides a helpful route-planning tool to make your preparation easier, whether you're traveling within California or venturing across the country.

In conclusion, Amtrak Sacramento offers a convenient and affordable way to explore California and beyond. With its downtown location, proximity to attractions like Old Sacramento, and diverse route options, Amtrak Sacramento is a fantastic choice for both local travelers and those visiting from afar. So, plan your next train trip with Amtrak Sacramento and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

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